Interfaith Dialogue

I have been an atheist for years. I was in high school when I discovered that I no longer believed in the Christian God. Now I am almost finished university. For years the religious world seemed to be one that wasn’t open to me. It was a foreign world that I only braved when my family made me. It is awkward being surrounded by people who believe something that you do not. I didn’t like feeling out of place, so I avoided it. However, lately I have found myself entering the interfaith sphere more. I volunteer at the interfaith center at my university, and I actually went to an interfaith conference over the summer. It has been a great experience for me. My personal beliefs haven’t been affected, so I still feel that awkward sense of “these people share something that I do not,” but I have grown to understand people that were once very foreign to me. I have made new friends and have developed a sense of respect for people who do not share my beliefs. I think that it has been a wonderful experience for me. I also want to encourage others to make an attempt at understanding people who do not share their personal beliefs.

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