Hobbies, hobbies, hobbies.

Well it’s about time I posted something, being the second half of this blog.

While this blog will not be a hobby blog I will feel like discussing them from time to time as they are relevant to my life and as I complete certain mile stones of or full projects.

Hobbies are one of those thing that I find keep people sane, it help immensely to have something to do. Anything which can keep your mind occupied or a reward you can leave yourself at the end of a long day. it’s a guarantee that you won’t get board or be truly unproductive. (having fun and relaxing is not unproductive, but being board surely is)

For me the world of hobbies opened up to me when I was 11 and when childhood friend introduced me to Warhammer 40’000, or as I’ll refer to it, 40K. This as a young boy moving into being a teen afforded me a great escape and allowed me to refine my fine motor skills and help release my artistic talents. 40K for those of you who don’t know is a miniature war game, where you get miniature models build, convert, or as you get more skilled sculpt them yourself. Then you paint them, this is my least favourite part, but I do love having a nicely painted and sculpted miniature when I’m done so it is worth the effort.

I have long since forsaken 40K as GamesWorkshop the company which produces 40K has been constantly raising prices by 15% per year. So a few years back after significantly slowing down on purchases I stopped entirely and pulled away from the game entirely to focus on my degree. However I’m getting back into thing with a newer company which I had been following for a few years the game system and models where a kickstarted and good by the name of “Kingdom Death: Monster” google up the kick-starter and see the amazing models, I’ll be posting about them more when I get then in the spring.

Now to my more intensive hobby, blacksmithing. This is a recent endeavour and I still have a long away to go to get anywhere good with ti, but I do have what I need and have do some minimal work over the summer (2013). The long term goal is to work up to making some good’ol plate armour for myself. The first attempt which will be my practice armour (I will likely need to try certain pieces multiple times to get it right) and a more ornate set for myself and Hessian for the coolness factor, and if we decide to get married. This is a major skill set I’m trying to work on, but it largely waiting till I have the space to work regularly.

Finally the latest hobby I’ve taken up, mostly to sate my appetite for metal work while my forge is cold is making chain mail. Luckily the major provide or rings The Ring Lord is 3 days away via Canada post so I’m set for any project I may do, currently I’m working on a chain mail tie which should look rather dashing when completed.

I’ll be sure to write more on my hobbies as time permits and my interest waxes and wanes in different areas.

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