The Tomboy and Books

As a tomboy I have noticed that it is incredibly difficult to find good books to read. Most books that are written for women are romance novels. While I have no issue with people reading and enjoying romance novels, I am disappointed that there are so few options aimed at women. As an avid reader who loves fantasy I have found a couple wonderful authors who do write books aimed at women. And they have wonderful female characters. But most of the books that I like are written by men for men, and feature male main characters. They are awesome books with great story lines, and I love them, but they were not written with me in mind. This is problematic because I am part of a largely ignored group. I am sure that any author who wrote for my demographic would find themselves with a strong fan base who appreciates the attention. As a hopeful future writer I fully intend to write books for my demographic and I hope that others will do the same.

3 responses to “The Tomboy and Books

  • Chuck and Heidi Thurston

    I’m not sure I understand what group you think is being ignored. Young women? Young women who prefer novels with “literary” (as opposed to lightweight “romance”) themes? Most writing experts (William Zinsser, e.g.) advise writers to “write for yourself” instead of aiming your work at some intended audience. This is a topic worth exploring.


    • hessianwithteeth

      Girls/women who do not identify as traditionally feminine, boys/men who aren’t accepted as masculine, gender non-conforming/trans individuals, anybody who is not seen as ‘normal.’ My stories tend to contain these type of characters anyway, because those are the types of characters that I identify with. I agree that we need to write the story for ourselves, but I also believe that everybody should be able to see themselves represented in literature.


      • johnspenn

        At the end of the day most writers want to profit from their work. While your preferences may find a niche market, most people simply don’t identify with the issues you mentioned and wouldn’t be interested in reading books featuring main characters with those issues. Of course this is my opinion, but it seems to be validated by trending book sales.


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