My Generation

Today I listened to a debate about the millennials. A number of ideas were brought up, some I agreed with and some I didn’t. One debater kept referring to the boomers as “the greatest generation.” How are they the greatest? What have they done that is so much better than any other generation? I don’t ask this because I think that my generation is better. I ask this because I don’t think that any generation is significantly better than any other. 
One debater brought up how long we live with our parents as a sign of immaturity. But housing prices have risen significantly more than wages have. It seems obvious that it would take longer to be able to afford to move out. And more people are going to university now than did in the past. University is expensive, so living at home is an obvious choice. Personally, I moved out when I was 22 and I was happy to get out on my own. I didn’t want to live at home for so long, but I only moved out because I couldn’t get my degree in the city I lived in.
That same debater also claimed that our generation is more narcissistic than previous generations. One of the people he was debating argued that the millennials volunteer more than previous generations so are actually more giving. Are millennials more giving or more narcissistic? Or neither?
The other debater claimed that millennials don’t have any noticeable traits that will help us in the future. She argued that we’re not significantly better with technology than generations X and Y and will be replaced with machines thus making finding a job impossible. How true is this? 
The final debater argued that our generation is an entrepreneurial generation. We are starting businesses and creating jobs on a larger scale than any previous scale. Is this accurate?
What do you think of these claims? Do you agree or disagree with them? What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a millennial?

2 responses to “My Generation

  • Dena

    Being nearly 32, I’m right on the edge between two different generations. I lived at home until I was 24, graduated college and got married. In the past perhaps college wouldn’t have been an emphasis for me, being female and marriage would have happened earlier. It wasn’t a lack of maturity that kept me home. It was an understanding that the world is expensive, I wanted an education and living with my parents rather than getting married would make it easier to complete my undergraduate schooling.


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