My Inspiration

It takes a lot of inspiration to write. I would never even had dreamed that I would be able to write my own stories if it weren’t for the fact that I read a lot. And, of course, if it weren’t for all the people who told me that I had a great imagination and was good at making up stories. My dad encouraged me to write from a young age, and my partner is the one who encouraged me to work towards getting my stories published. But my greatest inspiration has been the authors whose books I have read. 
Tamora Pierce quickly became my favorite author when I was a child. She inspired me to believe that my sex did not determine my abilities. I instantly fell in love with her characters, especially her female characters who were all different and yet who managed to defy stereotypical gender roles to fight for what they believed in. Tamora Pierce got me interested in the fantasy genre in the first place. She led me to write my first fantasy story when I was 14, which was terrible and ended up being left unfinished, and I found myself with the idea to publishing a novel always in the back of my mind even when I thought that I had given up that dream.
The first adult fantasy that I read was the Valdemar series written by Mercedes Lackey. She is my favorite author, along with Tamora Pierce, to this day. Her books increased my love of fantasy and allowed me to think about a different kind of fantasy world. She is the reason that I don’t think King Arthur-esk story when somebody says “fantasy.”
Brent Weeks has inspired me in two ways. First, I find his stories are the type of stories that I need a weekend off for. Once I begin reading one of his books, I can’t put it down. I want to write those kind of stories. Second, he got lucky in a way few authors do: he got his first book published. My first book is still unpublished. I intend to edit it before I go back to school and see if I can get it published. I don’t know if I will be as lucky as Brent Weeks was, but I hope I am.
Neil Gaiman is my partners favorite author. I hadn’t heard of him until my partner and I began dating. I think that his stories are incredibly engaging. I enjoy his style of writing. I am also a fan of creepy stories. I have always loved horror and thrillers, even when I was a small child. After listening to him speak, I decided that, while fantasy is my favorite genre, I really didn’t want to write just one genre and a certainly don’t want a career based around one series. I would like to write thrillers, dystopian fantasy, epic fantasy, YA fantasy, and graphic novels if at all possible.
These authors are my four main inspirations when it comes to writing. Who inspires you?

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