A Freethought Conference

Last summer I went to a skeptics conference in Las Vegas. Over this last weekend I went to Kamloops, BC to attend a secular humanist/freethought conference. This coming weekend I may be going to a logic conference. There are plenty of conferences around for non-believers. But there are none where I live. I must travel to attend these conferences. This fact led my partner and I to decide that Calgary needs a conference. We are hoping to be the ones who make it happen.

The problem is, conferences take a lot of planning, work, and money. We figure it will take us a few years to manage to get the conference going, but we also think the work will be worth it. Our first goal will be to do as much networking as possible. We need to meet people. We need people who are willing to help us. We need people who are willing to donate to us. We need people who are willing to speak. And, of course, we need to be able to make a name for ourselves. People need to know who we are, otherwise nobody will consider our conference. We need people to want to come.

So now I have a new project. Hopefully I will be able to pull it off.


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