Feminism: a slightly different take on how we can describe the word.

Withteeth here with a short post,

First for the sake of clarity. There is nothing wrong with the word and it’s normal definitions. As well I’m one who thinks that the feminism movement is awesome over all. I’m just bringing this up do to some really annoying comments I came across today.

I’ll first copy over a segment of what I wrote today to get to the point of this blog post.

Also a different take of why calling it feminism might not be such a bad thing. Given society mostly looks down or marginalizes femininity. Sure it benefits some women to be stereotypically feminine in some areas of life, but not over all. As well men are not typically allowed (it’s frowned upon) to show “feminine” traits like, you know, showing emotions, being compassionate, cooperative, showing moments of weakness, asking for help, caring for children, and taking paternity leave. There are likely many many more I’m missing, so would it be unfair to say that feminism is a fine word ant that we apply it to tackling the oppression of the “feminine?”

I made this reply to someone making the argument that if feminism is about creating equality then why is it called “feminism.” Firstly looking at the history of the word, of course it’s called feminism. Women had to fight to become legal persons let alone get equal pay or not be abused by the men in their lives. But more over I think it might be useful to throw this extra definition in the mix to help give a little egalitarian context to those people corrupted by the ideas thrown about by the MRA movement.

One response to “Feminism: a slightly different take on how we can describe the word.

  • mistavega

    Yeah we don’t want to deprive the movement of feminism from it’s historical underpinnings.The inequality is how the idea of equality got there. What’s interesting to me is the distinction between the feminist movement and the feminist orientation.

    I’m a pretty masculine dude, or so I like to think of myself that way, in regards to specific characteristics. For instances I do think it’s weak of a guy to show TOO much emotion, TOO much compassion or showing TOO much moments of weakens.notice the emphasize on the word “too”, everything in moderation. Granted we all go through our tribulations and in the end we’re just humans, but i feel these masculine qualities of mine are more natural as opposed to something that’s an imposition of societal conditioning.

    In my experience with women in my past relationships they often degrade me in subtle ways when I’ve displayed those qualities in excess. I noticed they may say it’s okay, but really when negatively.


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