Trans* People Are People Too

Recently in my province the first under 18 trans* person was able to legally change the sex on their birth certificate. It is a great step forward for us. But, as usually, when the news came out so did the bigots. There were many comments left by people who do not understand what it means to be trans*, don’t understand the scientific/psychological findings, and who wanted to force their beliefs on others.

On person claimed that the boy in question couldn’t possibly know who he is at 14 and claimed that he was going to change his mind at 18 and decide that he actually liked being female.This person claimed that they’d never be able to go back to being female and it would destroy their life. This is so wrong for so many reasons. He’s 14. He’s more than old enough to know what his preferences are. And he’s more than able to make his own decisions about who he wants to be when he grows up. Nobody has the right to police him in that regard, especially not strangers on the internet. It’s also wrong on the medical side. Sex change surgeries aren’t allowed until the age of 18. Nothing permanent will have been done yet. He’ll be on hormone blockers, but those are completely reversible. If he does decide that he made a mistake later on, then their will be no negative repercussions.

Many people were claiming that he’s not a boy and changing his birth certificate is a lie. I’d like to know how so many strangers who have never met this boy could possibly know more about him than he knows about himself. Having a vagina and an X chromosome doesn’t determine ones gender. It’s more complicated than that. And is it really so important that someone maintain the label society has given them that they should risk depression and suicide for the comfort of strangers? I’d rather he be a happy, healthy boy than a dead girl, but that’s just me. As for the birth certificate, why do we even still put sex on them? Does it really matter? 

Most of the people who were against the sex changed birth certificate also kept using “she” when referring to the boy. That is incredibly disrespectful. Would you want someone to call you “he” when you’re a she? Or “she” when you’re a he? No? Then don’t do it to other people . If you know what pronoun they prefer, use it. If you don’t, ask. It’s simple. You do not have the right to force your beliefs on other people. This boy deserves respect.

The last comment that caught my attention was one where someone said “Canada is sick.” As far as I’m concerned, I’m fine with transphobic people having such negative views. If they avoid the country, all the better for those of us who want equality to prevail. Though I really don’t see how “Canada” has anything to do with it. The rules regarding changes to birth certificates change from province to province. This is a step forward for Alberta, but I’d want see a few more provinces follow suit before I’ll say it’s a step forward for Canada.

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