Camp Fyrefly

My partner and I just went to an event held by the Camp Fyrefly group. Camp Fyrefly is a summer camp for LGBTQA youth. They seem to be an amazing group of people and the camp helps a lot of youth. The camp focuses on teaching youth not only how to be comfortable with who they are and how to deal, but it also teaches them leadership skills so that they can be leaders in their community.

The event that we went to was a film showing. The film talked about the camp itself, but it mostly focused on the stories of some of the campers. They were really moving. I was especially impressed with the number of transgender youth who had been helped by the camp. Unfortunately, those who are transgender are often discriminated against even within the LGBTQ community. But this camp has helped a lot of youth of all gender and sexual orientations.

The camp only has three locations so far, but they are growing. Hopefully they will soon have camps across Canada and, possibly, internationally. It’s too late to help with this years camps, and I don’t have the money to support them financially, but I’m hoping to be able to volunteer with them next year and I would love to help send a child to camp when I have the money. In the mean time, I want to make others aware of the wonderful things that this camp is doing.


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