On Variety and Hobbies

Well it’s about time I post something. I’m the teeth from the shared name, but fear not! Withteeth is just a pseudonym and not a reflection of any personality traits.

Some of what I’ll be focusing many of my posts on is my varied past times and interests.

I’m the sort who can get board, but generally that just makes me go off and get a game or something enjoyable that largely gets me nowhere. That’s why it’s important to keep something around that I can work on so that I have something tangible after a few hours of work.

So where I started was like any child drawing, painting, and doodling in class and playing out elaborate stories in my head. But those aren’t hobbies, so my first real drive into the world of art and hobby was good old Warhammer 40’000, which I refer to as 40K. Painting, building, and an expansive universe with great depths largely untapped even though the game’s been going strong for over two decades. Really anything an eleven year old me could want. Well I have learnt to dislike painting quite a bit since then, but I’m not half bad at it.

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