What’s With All the Nationalism?

Canada Day took place on July 1. As such, there was the expected national celebration. And of course there were many people wearing everything Canada. Now it’s the American equivalent: Independence day. Ugh. July is the month of nationalism around here. But I don’t really understand nationalism. Celebrating our country’s founding is fine. We’re human: we like to celebrate. But I don’t understand this “we’re number one” attitude. No one group of people is the best at everything. We’re not even all that different from one another. What do these invisible lines actually do?
I was joking with my partner and a friend of ours about how we’d stop the US if they decided to declare war on us. We came to the conclusion that, since our military could never stand against theirs, we’d just infiltrate the country and take over from the inside. We look and sound American, we’re just more polite. So our manners make us stand out? We’d be liked and trusted more. It would make things easier for us.
But if we could so easily be mistaken as Americas, what is the real difference between us? Sure there are certain cultural differences, but how significant are they? Are they really worth such extreme nationalism? Why not focus more on globalism? Why not pay more attention to the fact that we’re all human than to the fact that I’m Canadian and someone else is American? Honestly, who cares?


One response to “What’s With All the Nationalism?

  • magiccurio

    A good question you raised. Some Americans literally believe it’s true. They still have a lot to learn. Others are merely expressing their enthusiasm for “their team,” especially at sporting events.


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