Why I Can’t Agree With the Bible: Exodus: Part 4

I have finally made it through Exodus. It’s late, so I’m not going to summarize very much. Instead I have just put down my questions and what I disagree with.

Why does God need cloth and precious metal?

If God can watch the Israelites and be with them, why does he need an arc to meet with Moses and command the Israelites?

Why does Aaron need so many outfits as a priest? The focus on Moses and his brother seems more like a family using religion as a way to scam people into making them rich.

Why would Aaron die if he weren’t wearing bells?

Why is accepting gifts something for the Israelites to feel guilty about?

Why would the priests die if they incur guilt?

“A pleasing aroma. A food offering presented to the lord.” So God eats then. Which makes sense. Burning up a food source would be a waste otherwise.

God says that future generations were supposed to continue with the burned offerings.

God says that he will dwell among the Israelites. This sounds like he will be with the people more often. Like he will be visible and communicate with anyone within the tabernacle.

People must pay a ransom for their life? Are they hostages? “The poor must not pay less”? How is that fair.

Aaron and his descendants must wash their hands and feet so they don’t die? How does that work?

The idea of sacredness seems quite arbitrary.

“Whoever does any work on the sabbath day must be put to death.” That seems quite extreme.

Why is Aaron so easily convinced to make a new god? Isn’t he supposed to be worthy of the priesthood? Why would the people be so quick turn from the Israelite God when they saw his power?

The people are afraid, so they find a new god, God’s response is to threaten to kill them. How…moral.

The people are evil? How are the people evil?

Moses seems more evil than the people by ordering 3000 deaths.

Joshua son of none?

Moses argues that only the Israelite God differentiates the Israelites from others.

Moses can see God’s hand and back, but not his face? Why did the one sin, which had only recently become a sin, cause this.

“The compassionate and gracious god, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness” Yeah…right.

“Take us as your inheritance.” Why does God need an inheritance?

“For the lord, whose name is jealous…” Interesting name.

Basically God is ordering the Israelites to go into a foreign land and start a war. Again, how moral.

Moses lived for 40 days without food or water? How?

Why did God have to put ordinary skills in people so that they could build his sanctuary? With thousands of people, you’d think people would already have those skills.



4 responses to “Why I Can’t Agree With the Bible: Exodus: Part 4

  • nikeyo

    The Bible scholar in me wants to answer everyone of these questions with contextual explanations a comparing with surrounding religions and then concluding with Jewish midrash, asking these very same questions of their god and attempting to theologize with their religion.

    The Atheist in me CBF and just laughs and laughs….


  • spettijohn

    Thank you for following my blog. You have asked a lot of very good questions, and this is good. Keep it up. And keep taking notes. Many of your questions will be answered later on. But, to be honest, some will never be answered and you’ll have more questions.
    By now you know how messed up the people in the Bible are. But then people today are messed up too. There’s really not much difference. So what’s the difference between the righteous and unrighteous? I’m sure you’ll figure it out.
    About Adam and Eve only having sons. You miss one small sentence. Genesis 5:4 says Adam had other sons and daughters. So to be logical, there were brothers and sisters having sex together. Later God said don’t do that. We can both agree I’m sure that, such acts weren’t needed anymore because of the population didn’t require it. Beside if they kept it up, you’d get weird offspring.
    I should tell you that many of the books in the Bible are not in chronological order. (I have no idea why)
    I’m interested in your future Bible readings.


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