Why I Can’t Agree With the Bible: Leviticus: Part 1

I have gone through the first 17 chapters of Leviticus. I’m not going to discuss all of the rules because that would be quite tedious and boring. Basically, what constitutes a sin+how to atone for it=Leviticus. Though the first thing I have to say is okay Bible, I got it the first time. Please stop repeating yourself.

Most of Leviticus talks about what to sacrifice and how to sacrifice it. What did I learn? God likes salt…

It also discusses what humans can and can’t eat. “You must not eat any fat or any blood.” There goes bacon, butter, and medium rare stakes. Though bacon is out anyway because pigs are a no no. But not for any good reason: pigs have split hooves, but they don’t eat grass. Rabbits are a no no for the exact opposite reason.

Blood is a funny thing in Leviticus. It purifies alters, but it’s considered unclean, in the holy sense, if one gets blood on them or eats blood, so they must cleanse themselves. There isn’t a whole lot of explanation as to why. It seems as though God really likes blood, but he doesn’t like it touching humans…unless they’re priests. What’s with putting blood on the right ear lobe, thumb, and big toes?

When the Israelites gave the food offering to God when Aaron was made a priest, God ate the food offerings. Or his glory did. So God is capable of eating. In fact, eating seems to be quite necessary. But when the people saw God eating, or the cloud of God’s glory, they fell down. Why did the people fall down?

Then God killed Aaron’s sons when they approached him. Moses said that it showed that God was holy. How is God holy for killing Aaron’s sons? Then Moses tells Aaron’s remain sons not to have ripped clothes or messy hair. God will turn on the Israelites if the priests have ripped clothes or unkempt hair? How is that moral? God’s rules seem quite arbitrary and…insane. Some make sense. It makes sense to not eat certain animals when they have a history of killing people with disease. But some are just silly.

The part about child birth and periods makes the sexism of the ancient culture obvious. Women are unclean for having periods, but periods are a sign that the woman can have children, which makes it possible for our species to continue. And the woman is unclean for longer if she has a girl than if she’d had a boy. Basically, women are secondary citizens. Why would we want to continue that belief today?

Sex requires bathing. I think most people would do that anyway, but it’s a silly law.

God will kill anyone who remains unclean in his dwelling. This is silly. Why is God so quick to murder over so little? How can anyone view him as moral?



9 responses to “Why I Can’t Agree With the Bible: Leviticus: Part 1

  • spettijohn

    I agree with a lot of your reply and am OK with some but, I hate to say this, maybe my wife is right when she says I’m not as young as I used to be. Anyway the doctor said I must get some things under control so I tried cutting back on pork. It helped a lot. And I didn’t use the meds like the doctor wanted me to.
    Now to be honest, if someone waves BBQ pork ribs in front of my face, I will eat it. But pork is a special treat now and not part of my normal diet anymore. I used to eat anything, and get away with it. Not anymore.


  • spettijohn

    Let’s look at some of this from here in the year 2014 instead of long ago by some weird dead people. Health officials today say you should not eat under cooked foods, and to cut back on fats.
    Medical people today handle blood with great care. I’m guessing it’s because of possible diseases. Almost a year ago I decided to cut out pork from my diet to see what would happen. (I still ate beef and chicken) After a month both my blood pressure and cholesterol went down.
    Looks like God wants to keep the Israelites healthy.
    Blood is used through out the Bible to wash away sin. Usually this is lambs blood.
    Many times you have brought up questions about God. OK. This may or may not make sense.
    The Bible says there is one true God. Back in Genesis, God created everything. But the Spirit of God moved over the surface of the water. Later Adam and Eve heard the Lord God walking through the garden. Still this is one God. The Lord. The other gods are idols.


    • hessianwithteeth

      Historically speaking, the early Hebrew religion was polytheistic. They believed that there were many gods, but each tribe worshiped their own member of the pantheon. The Israelites worshiped the war god and eventually defeated all of the other tribes. At that point, there was nobody to worship the other gods. Initially Yahweh was seen as the king of the gods because his people triumphed over theirs, but that eventually led into the creation of Judaism as a monotheistic religion. Those gods weren’t just idols, they were as real to the people as Yahweh.
      Blood is handled so carefully by medical staff for the same reason that anything else is: they don’t want it contaminated. They can’t exactly figure out what’s wrong with you if all of your samples are exposed to the environment. Though blood was handled a lot less cautiously prior to the Aids scare.
      As for meat, anecdotal evidence doesn’t prove anything. I’m eating bacon and my cholesterol and blood pressure is fine. By your logic, that makes bacon good for me. With undercooked meat, it’s not the blood that’s the problem. It’s whatever is living on the meat that isn’t killed. So why didn’t God say “don’t eat meat that’s still bloody, it could make you sick”? Why did he instead say “don’t eat blood or you will be unclean”?
      Also, the ancient Israelites moved a lot more than we did. They had to work harder and ate less. They didn’t have to worry about calories the way we do today. Fat was a necessary part of their diet. We still need fat, we just don’t need as much as many people eat.


  • Didgya

    Nice post. I just spoke with an older religious woman I work with. She was telling me about a radio preacher who said the bible says homosexuality is wrong due to the bible. So I pulled out the mixed fabics, pork and other silliness. She concluded that “you can get about anything in there.” 😊


  • Living simplyy

    Haha had the exact reaction when reading the Mooses part in Leviticus. My point of vue is that religious books got modified by humans after they appeared so as to help them in their political and cultural ‘goals’. That’s why you should take what makes sense to you, what you feel is universally correct, and leave what’s obviously changed, dumb or added by fanatics and extremists. That’s how i do, works pretty well.


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