Why I Can’t Agree With the Bible: Numbers: Part 1

I don’t have a whole lot to say about Numbers as of yet. So far it’s mostly just talking about the process of making the Levites pure so they can serve God.
It claimed that there were 603,550 Israelite men over the age of 20 to fight in Israelite army (not counting Levite men). This seems hard to believe. The total number of people claimed to have fled the Egyptian army is incredibly large. This number of people should have left behind enough evidence of their exodus out of Egypt that the event would be impossible to question and yet there’s counter evidence that suggests that there was never anywhere near this many Hebrew slaves in Egypt.
God really seems to like to claim things. The land is his, the people are his, the Israelites are even more his, the first born sons are his, the first born male animals are his, and now the Levites are his. The Levites replaced all the first born males as God’s. Their animals replaced all the first born animals. The Levites became God’s. This doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Why did God pick out the Levites from the others?
The discussion of the Levites as God’s seems to be interrupted to tell us of the consequences required for certain actions. Such as cheating. A woman who is accused of cheating is to drink a cursed water. If she has cheated, she’ll miscarry. This seems to be an odd way to determine if someone has cheated. Most pregnancies end in a miscarriage, but this generally happens so early in the pregnancy that the woman doesn’t even know it happened. What if the woman drinks the water and miscarries, but nobody recognizes the miscarriage as a miscarriage? And what if the miscarriage happens months after drinking the water? Is the woman then found guilty, or does it only count if she immediately miscarried? Did the Israelites ever test this out by getting a woman who was well into her pregnancy and had been caught in bed with another man to make sure that it actually worked? I imagine a number of women got away with cheating because they didn’t miscarry and other women got labelled as cheaters when they’d been faithful. Of course they don’t say anything about cheating husbands. If a husband slept with a woman who wasn’t his wife, was it still acceptable?
The last bit that I listened to pertained to the rules around celebrating the Passover. Not celebrating the Passover results in being cut off from the Israelites, at least if one is clean. The unclean are also supposed to celebrate the Passover, but at a later date. Foreigners must also celebrate the Passover. Again, there is this idea that the Israelites should be allowed to force others to believe what they believe. Why should a foreigner have to celebrate Passover? Simply because God is jealous? What if their religion forbids them from celebrating Passover?


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