Why I Can’t Agree With the Bible: Deuteronomy: Part 1

Before I begin, I feel I must add something. This project is not an attack on Christians or anyone else (namely Jews and Muslims) who accept the Bible (or Torah). This is my own personal review of the Bible meant to show believers how non-believers read the Bible. Obviously different people will get different things out of it that I have, but I can only show you what catches my eye. I am happy to discuss my readings with those reading this post (otherwise, why make it public?), but please don’t tell me that I just want to sin. This is not about sin. This is not about reaffirming my atheism or making fun of believers. This is about asking questions and thinking critically. If you believe that I am reading something incorrectly, or that I am otherwise wrong about something, please tell me. But don’t tell me that I’m wrong because you say I am. Support your claim with evidence. And do not tell me what I believe. I know what I believe. You, however, do not. Feel free to ask me questions. I am open to having honest discussions. But do not insult me. Do you really think that your going to convince anyone that you’re right by being insulting? If you show me respect, I will show you respect. Again, feel free to discuss things with me, but be respectful. I’m human too.

The first bit of Deuteronomy that jumped out was this: “The children, who do not yet know good from bad.” But wait, I thought that children were born in sin? If they don’t know good from bad, then aren’t they innocent? Aren’t they like Adam and Eve before they ate the fruit?
The beginning of Deuteronomy summarizes everything that the Israelites went through after leaving Egypt. Throughout the description there are small details that don’t match Exodus and Numbers. It’s almost as Deuteronomy was written by a different person who read the earlier tales of Moses and added their own details/preferences to it.
At one point, Moses says “What god is there in heaven or on earth that can do the deeds you do?” I see the Israelites are still polytheistic. This suggests that there are gods both walking the Earth, or maybe in the form of figures, and in heaven.
Later, Deuteronomy claims that the Israelites didn’t see God, they just heard his voice, but earlier the Bible said that they saw the face of God. It was after that when God got mad at the Israelites and refused to let anyone but Moses see him. This seems to be a major contradiction.
Deuteronomy says that at no point are the people to create an idol. Not of man, woman, or animal. Moses mentions that this includes figures to be worshiped. Does Jesus count as an idol. Not just in the crucifix form the Catholic Church uses, but the very ideal of Jesus? And what about crosses? Are those idols?
Moses then says that God is merciful and will not destroy the Israelites even if they turn away from him. But didn’t God threaten to destroy the Israelites many times up to this point? And not even for turning away from God. He threatened to destroy them because they were tired of eating bread after 40 years of nothing but bread! What changed?
And another contradiction: Moses says “The lord spoke to you face to face above the mountain.” But early you said they didn’t see God face to face! So was Moses just lying before?
The commandments have also changed slightly. First it was don’t kill, now it’s don’t murder. I wonder if that’s because the Israelites have been told to kill many times since the commandments were first introduced. At this point, they’ve done a lot of killing and will be doing more.
Moses then says “Do not follow other gods.” More polytheism. Also, Moses tells the Israelites that if they do they will be destroyed. Seriously? But you just said! This is another major contradiction. Moses said that God won’t kill the Israelites but then he says God will. Is Moses a liar?
Moses said that God would make sure that the Israelite women would never miscarry so long as they were faithful to God. That sounds horribly manipulative. How must women have felt when they miscarried? Miscarriages are quite common, and we’re talking about a time when infant mortality was high. How many women blamed themselves for something they had no control over? How many women pleaded forgiveness when they did nothing wrong?
God claims to have humbled the Israelites by starving them, then he claims to have come to their rescue by feeding them. This is more abusive boyfriend shit. “People do not live on bread alone, but on the word of the lord.” Really? Words can keep me full? I highly doubt that. And how does this make starving people okay? The main argument here seems to be “You can’t do anything without God, so thank him profusely and don’t take credit for your own work. Oh, and don’t forget how terrible you are. You are terrible, terrible people. I am awesome. But you suck. Don’t forget that.” How loving and merciful this God is…
Wait…the Israelites are Gods inheritance? That’s creepy…


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