Why I Can’t Agree With the Bible: Deuteronomy: Part 2

In this part I am discussing the Deuteronomic Code.
Deuteronomy discusses the laws that the Israelites are to follow once they have their own land. They can eat meat wherever they want, but they can’t eat the firstborns. Those are to be taken to a specific place and sacrificed. They still can’t drink blood, they’re to pour it out like water. This is said to be because it is the life. What does that actually mean? It’s not scientifically accurate. Is it meant as symbolism? If so, what is its importance?
How is sacrificing good and right?
Don’t ask about other religions. Okay, so, in fear of possible conversion, it is bad to so much as ask about another religions practices. I guess that means it’s best to remain ignorant. But what is god so afraid of? If he’s so powerful and is so much better than those other gods, why would he need to be worried about the Israelites turning against him? What do those other gods have that this one doesn’t?
Don’t listen to any prophet that tries to get you to worship other gods. Again, why is Yahweh so worried about this? What do the other gods have that he doesn’t? Why does God keep testing the Israelites? And why does he keep demanding the Israelites kill people.
Who speaks like this? It sounds like someone commanding a child. Did the Israelites really need to be told what they’d say if they were possibly contemplating worshiping other gods?
Murdering a town full of people because some of them worshiped other gods is good in Yahweh’s eyes. Got it.
The Israelites are Gods treasured possession?
Birds not to eat include the bat. Um…bats are mammals Yahweh. So much for all knowing.
Feed already dead things to foreigners.
At the end of every seven years you must cancel depts. This is something that I wouldn’t mind having implemented today. Also, since this was commanded by God, isn’t it sinful for Christians to not bide by this? It specifies that it’s for Israelites, but so do most of the laws, and I’ve heard Christians claim that other such laws are supposed to be followed (Leviticus 18:22, etc.).
God hates sacred stones.
An Israelite king is not to take many wives. How many wives can they take?
Priests aren’t to inherit. They get food directly from sacrifices.
Prophets are okay, but divination and witchcraft are bad. How are they any different?
If the message of a prophet doesn’t come true, then that person is a false prophet. Then why do people still listen to many of the people who tell us that the end is nigh? They’ve been saying that for 2000 years, but we’re still here.
If God differentiates between intentional and unintentional killing, and different sins are worthy of different punishments, how can anyone think that all sins are equal?
Non-Israelite women are plunder.
Kill the non-Israelites because there is the possibility that you may learn some of their religious practices, which will lead you to sin. Well this is a dangerous slippery slope argument.
Taking and raping non-Israelite women is acceptable if you find them beautiful…so long as you marry them first.
Stoning rebellious sons to death is acceptable.
Don’t ignore lost property. Make sure it gets back to its rightful owner.
Women aren’t to wear men’s clothing and men aren’t to wearing women’s clothing. I’ve heard people argue that this means that transgender people are sinners. However, this says nothing about transitioning. If a transgender woman is wearing women’s clothing, then how is she sinning? The same goes for transgender men. This is just anti-cross-dressing. But we’re not given any reason for why it’s wrong beyond that God doesn’t like it. But why does God care what anyone wears? What harm does it do?
Don’t plant two different seeds in your vineyard.
How do you prove that someone is a virgin? And why is virginity so important? How many women who were virgins were stoned to death simply because there was no proof of their virginity?
If a woman is raped while in town, she’s to be stoned to death because she didn’t scream for help. They did realize that it’s not always possible to scream for help, or to be heard, before being raped, right? How many rape victims were stoned because they were blamed for their own rape?
God sees human excrement as detestable.
Interest is only to be charged to foreigners.
Men can divorce women, women can remarry, but the man can’t marry a woman a second time.
God said he will punish people for their father’s sins, up to 7 generations, earlier, but is now saying that people can’t be punished for their parent’s or children’s sins. Which is it?
If a woman grabs a man’s penis while two men are fighting, because that’s always my first response, her hand will be cut off. Why? What’s the reasoning behind this?


6 responses to “Why I Can’t Agree With the Bible: Deuteronomy: Part 2

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  • Handbasket

    general approval, not that you need it, for the thinking you are doing in these posts. well done.


  • fairlycirrus

    Thanks for liking my blog.
    I’m so glad I came to have a look at yours! Nice assessment of this particular portion of the Holy Babble 🙂
    Written with some lovely dry humour. And insight of course.
    I hope I can find time to read your blog regularly.
    Keep writing. You’re good (in a literary sense … of your morals I know nothing but I suspect they’re good too)


  • nancyabramsblogger

    It’s crazy how much God seems to support rapists. And people claim to derive their morality from this guy? Beautiful. Well, that explains a lot.


  • franklecter

    Thank you so much for writing this article! It was very entertaining! You do raise many interesting questions in your previous post as well.

    Also, as I read your post I can’t help but wonder: How to people decide if the Bible is to be taken literally or figuratively… The Bible is full of generalities that are very ambiguous taken out of context, but then again it can sometimes become very detailed as to exactly what is to be done (or not) in a situation… (And then again, it contradicts itself so many times).


  • hellenmasido

    Hahaaaaaaaa!”If a woman grabs a man’s penis while two men are fighting, because that’s always my first response…” this made my evening! I usually want to ask my pals- when they call it the good book- “Have you actually read the bible?”


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