What is Oppression?

How often do people claim to be oppressed when they clearly aren’t? It’s quite annoying when someone with more power than me in some way or another tries to tell me that they are oppressed. I can’t imagine how those with less privilege than myself  feel about it. Actually, I can. They’d likely share my feelings, but to a more extreme degree.

For those of you who like to cry “oppression,” I have some questions for you to ask yourselves. First, does the group you are claiming oppression from have more political power than you do? Second, are they trying to implement laws that harm you at some level? And, if so, are they successful? And third, is it socially acceptable to publicly insult the group that you are a part of? If you answered no to any of these questions, how exactly are you being discriminated against? Are you sure your not just seeing something that’s not there?

Straight people complain that they are being discriminated against because there is no straight pride parade. But what danger do straight people put themselves in by revealing their sexuality? White people complain that we are being oppressed because there is no white pride month. How many white people are attacked and killed for being white? Christians complain that they are being oppressed because they aren’t allowed to discriminate against others using their religion as an excuse. But aren’t all people expected to abide by the same laws? Last time I checked, it wasn’t the Christians who were considered as trust worthy as rapists, or were thought to all be terrorists. It’s not the Christians who have to worry about laws being past that discriminate against them based on their religion.

So please, stop telling me you are oppressed when you aren’t. If you’re going to cry discrimination, you better be able to tell me, and others, how you are being discriminated against. Because if you’re just mad that you’re not allowed to discriminate against others, or do what you want without consequence, then you have to legs to stand on. You’re just throwing a temper tantrum. Please think before you call yourself oppressed. Be happy that you have whatever privilege you do have, but don’t deny it to others.


6 responses to “What is Oppression?

  • Michael Coen

    Supplanting “opposition” with “suppression” has become a popular trend among the religious radicals in the last decade or so. From FOX’s fictitious War on Christmas, to Hobby Lobby contending that contraception is tantamount to abortion – they cry oppression as a means of gaining empathy. It’s the victim card on steroids.

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  • Noise Pollution

    These people are totally diluting the meaning of the word, and it’s absolutely insulting to those who are actually oppressed.


  • Noise Pollution

    As a person who isn’t a terrible excuse for a human being playing the blame game, I believe you are totally right.


  • silenceofmind

    Oppression is $100+ a barrel of oil.

    Oppression is being flooded with 3rd world illegal aliens because Obama and the Democrat Party want to create a perpetual underclass that will vote for them.

    Oppression is the IRS going after Obama’s political opposition.

    Oppression is ObamaCare.

    Oppression is the money pipeline from your pocket and mine to the Washington DC ruling class and their cronies.

    Oppression is $17,000,000,000,000 of government debt that generations unborn will have to pay for.

    Oppression is the global warming hoax and its bastard child the expensive effort to bring us 500 years back to a future windmills

    The list goes on and on and on.

    And that list is made possible by people who think the source of human rights is one man shoving his blood engorged ganglion into the fecally encrusted anus of another man and pounding it to hemorrhoidal mush; and then calling that marriage.


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