Why I Can’t Agree With the Bible: Joshua: Part 1

I’m finally home after more than a week away. As such, I’m back to my Bible review. I’m now in Joshua.
It begins with Joshua sending spies into Jericho. They mustn’t have been very good spies. Seriously, how did the Israelite spies get caught so easily? Was God not protecting them?
Once the spies got back to camp, they reported what they found to Joshua. The Israelites then walked across the Jordan River to fight Jericho. They sure walk across a lot of dried up river beds. I wonder if there had been a lot of drought.
Again, God says that he wants the Israelites to fear him. Personally, I’d rather people respected me, and enjoyed my company. But to each their own I suppose. It just seems a bit like, well, bullying to me.
At one point it says that all the Israelites were to be circumcised again. It sounds like they’re to be circumcised twice, which makes no sense. But it’s really every bodies first time. Why hadn’t the Israelites born in the desert been circumcised? Wasn’t that part of the covenant with God? Weren’t they sinning by not circumcising all the boys at eight days old? And why would God have them circumcised right before battle? Why not before they crossed the river? Or after the battle? Right outside of the enemy’s door seems like a silly place to temporarily cripple all the men.
Later on, a man claims to be the head of the lords army. Joshua believes him without question. The man wasn’t obviously an angel, so why did Joshua believe him? A would have suspected a spy, afterall, that seems more likely than being visited by an angel.
The bit about marching around Jericho makes me think Veggietales. I wonder if there were any French peas…
At the beginning, a woman had helped the spies escape Jericho. She is told to put a scarf in her window and bring her family into her house. After Jericho is defeated, the woman and her family are found safe by the Israelites. How did God know to spare the woman and her family? Could he see the scarf? Was the scarf actually necessary? Then it claims that the woman is still alive (when the book was written, so hundreds of years after the event). Wait…the woman still lives with the Israelites? But…how old is she? When did she die? Or is she still alive? Is she immortal?
God really needs to stop it with the temper tantrums. Apparently there has been yet another sin against him. Why does he take everything so personally? I doubt it was meant as a personal attack. Joshua pours sand on his head when he realizes that God is angry. Sand? Why? God claims that somebody has stolen from him, then claims that they must destroy the destructible. Destroy whatever is devoted to destruction? That seems somewhat counter-intuitive…And what does that actually mean? Is the stolen thing destructible? Or is the thief destructible? How did God find out about the theft? This God is clearly not all-knowing. Did he see? Then why did he take so long to react? Was he told? Then by who? And how did they know? God decides that the thief and his family should be burned. Why are people being destroyed with fire? This seems like an unnecessarily painful punishment. The thief, it turns out stole a robe and some money. A robe? He stole a robe? Why does God need a robe? Did he want to wear it? Why were the thief’s children stoned and burned? What did they do? How is this moral? Why did God punish all of Israel (by making them lose a battle and 36 men) because one person stole? Where is the morality here?
I haven’t gotten very far into Joshua, but, as you can see, I already have a lot of questions. Sadly, I doubt I’ll get any answers.

2 responses to “Why I Can’t Agree With the Bible: Joshua: Part 1

  • franklecter

    Can I add one to your list of questions?

    What happened to God? Is he on vacation? It seems that in the past he was so busy taking petty things personally and burning and killing people out of revenge (but he left most of the other civilizations unbothered… why?)… But nowadays there are so many more sinners, and people “straying from the path”…. yet, he doesn’t talk to anyone, give order to anyone, or just do anything at all related to humans… What happened to him?


  • gazeandgawk

    “Right outside of the enemy’s door seems like a silly place to temporarily cripple all the men”
    LOL 😀


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