The U of C Freethinkers

As I wrote in my last post, I have a busy school year coming up. My other club, the Interfaith Club, is new, so it’ll be fairly active in order to make a name for itself, and because us execs want it to be. But the Freethinkers will also be busy. We have weekly meetings, and monthly movie nights. Plus we have a yearly event called Ask a Freethinker. On top of all that, we’re trying to plan a conference. We have some tentative speakers, but no money. We’re hoping to raise the money to bring the speakers here, but it’ll likely all happen online. I was hoping to have all the preparations done by now, but we keep hitting snags. It doesn’t help that none of us actually know what we’re doing.

The conference is supposed to be in February though, so we have quite a bit of time. And we’ll have to for all of our usual events, plus the event that CFI is trying to pull of. But that means that Ask a Freethinker will happen in the fall semester, as will our fundraising events. Hopefully the CFI event will also happen in the fall. After the conference, I doubt we’ll do much: we’ll likely be exhausted.



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