An Introduction: Part 2

I’m Withteeth. The second half of this blog. My Pseudonym is an old alias of mine which I continue to find evokes amusing responses and questions from people. I’m going into my 5th year of university for Botany (Plant biology) with a minor in philosophy. My interests involve the biological sciences, philosophy, womens studies and feminist action, and my many hobbies. My hobbies include, miniature building, sculpting, and painting, making chain mail (I’m working on a tie at the moment, then I’ll move on to a shirt), armature blacksmithing, and gardening and garden design. I volunteer with the Queer Center at my University, and with both the Freethinker and Interfaith clubs that Hessian runs.

I love what science does and I really like working with plants, so botany was never a hard choice for me, That said I’m the sort who gets the biggest kick from the practical sides of things. I like working with and understanding plants because they are without a doubt one of the most important things we tend to: without plants we don’t have food, it’s that simple. There is something I find very basic and satisfying about working with plants, be it in the garden or in a more scientific setting, like the lab or out in the field collecting samples. Plus, I’m rather confident in the plants’ inability to feel, since they lack a recognizable nervous system, so ethically speaking chopping them up just isn’t really a concern.

And I do rather like ethics, above all else, in philosophy. While I have come to greatly appreciate epistemology, and logic, and, to a much lesser extent, metaphysics, personally I find philosophy often leads back to ethics when I actually try to apply it to real life (so long as it passes fallacy tests, that is My ethical stance falls to that of a satisfiable act consequentialist, which in basic terms means I think it is best for us to maximize for the best consequences in every action, however, since this is not always possible, an action can still be considered good to try and fail so long as you adjust your ethical stance on each issue as you learn more. I do concern myself with intentions, but they are secondary to consequences.

I also concern myself with feminism, LGBTQA rights and issues, as well as actively try to bring these issue to attention in day to day life as educating and learning in more directed manners. I feel this is doubly important for me to do since I am part of one of the most privileged groups in the world, that is financially stable cis white heterosexual men. My main role currently is mostly just a voice supporting women and LGBTQA people when others would wish to silence them, but they will not try to silence a white dude (as sad as that is). Though I’m sure as opportunities become available I’ll continue to do more.

Finally, I do rather enjoy having hobbies, while I am an avid gamer and love me some interwebz, I also like sculpting and building miniatures for war/skirmish games. The current project I’m waiting to start is this guy :, which is currently delayed, but I’ll get it eventually, and it will be fun when I get the chance. And, like I said before about liking thing which are practical, or maybe I should say things with practical applications, I have slowly but surely been teaching myself how it blacksmith. It’s a really neat skill to work with metal in a forge. The way red hot metal reacts to being worked over an anvil is this mix of mesmerizing and fascinating which makes up for the difficulty and steep entrance costs. I more recently picked up making chainmail, since I currently can’t do any blacksmithing due to my location and demands of school.

Now you know a little bit more about me, oh, and I shouldn’t forget: I have a dark dry sense of humor, you might notice that in future posts.


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