My Thoughts on a Few Quotes

I’ve decided to make a post on a few quotes that I find worth reading.

“To be absolutely certain about something, one must know everything or nothing about it.” Olin Miller

This is a great one because it is impossible to know everything about anything. This means that we should never be absolutely certain about anything because it is probably a sign that we know nothing about it.

“If he is infinitely good, what reason should we have to fear him? If he is infinitely wise, why should we have doubts concerning the future? If he knows all, why warn him of our needs and fatigue him with prayers? If he is everywhere, why erect temples to him? Percy Bysshe Shelley

I like this quote because it asks some good questions. The Old Testament says many times that God should be feared, but many people believe in a benevolent God. If God has ultimate wisdom, then shouldn’t the future be set? Shouldn’t we know for sure if and when everything is going to end? Though I like the temple bit best. Are religious buildings necessary? If they aren’t, why treat them with any sort of deference?

“Lighthouses are more helpful than churches.” Benjamin Franklin

This one goes back to the last point. We treat churches with deference, but lighthouses keep ships from sinking and we let them fall apart.

“I believe that our obligation is to make life better because it’s our obligation to each other as human beings. Not in relation to eternal rewards and infernal punishments.” Susan Jacoby

This quote is very much a humanist quote. We have a duty to help others because we’re all human. Why do we need a god to treat each other well?

“Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is a ridiculous one.” Voltaire

This quote is very similar to the first quote. We can’t know everything, so how can we justify certainty? It’s better to admit not knowing than it is to pretend to knowledge that isn’t there.

That is just a few of my thoughts on a few useful quotes.


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