Pride Parade

Today was the Pride Parade in my city. It was only my second time going, so it’s still quite interesting to me. I can see it getting a bit boring if you watch it every year, but I think it’s an important event to support. My city has a week long Pride, but I’ve only ever gone to the parade. Maybe next year I can do more. We began the day by looking at the Festival area. One section of the Festival was a concert area. The rest of it was set up for food and had stations set up to buy things and talk to different companies. We looked at who had booths set up, then went to find a spot to watch the parade.

While we were looking at the booths, I noticed the Canadian Forces recruiters. They also had a float in the parade. But I couldn’t help but think, how common is it in other countries for the military to not only support LGBT rights, but to actively recruit people from the LGBT community? I don’t know much about the treatment of the LGBT community in industrialized nations outside of Canada and the US, but I do know that Canada was one of the leaders when it came to legalizing marriage. I also know that it took forever for the US to finally repeal don’t ask, don’t tell. As such, I wonder if the military in other countries is as willing to take part in Pride, and recruit while there.

While watching the parade, I also noticed how many children were both watching and participating in the parade. It makes me happy to see so many parents raising their children to be accepting of LGBT people. These children will grow up seeing their parents supporting equal rights, and they’ll likely adopt the belief. I want my children to the of the LGBT community as average people. I don’t want them to think there is something wrong with being LGBT. As such, I want them to watch the parade, or even participate in it. I want them to see their parents supporting the community. I want them to know our LGBT friends and accept them. And I want them to know that it’s okay to be LGBT. Basically, I want it to be normal for them.

I had a good day and am hoping to be more involved next year. I am glad that I live in a city where Pride is celebrated, and I’m glad that it is still spreading and becoming more popular. Maybe someday the LGBT community will be fully accepted and Pride won’t be necessary. But, until that happens, I’m glad it exists.

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