Atheists Can’t Be Moral

We get a lot of comments on this blog along the lines of “atheists/you can’t be moral” so I thought I’d link to a well written post about why you shouldn’t say that. Seriously, there’s no way to not be rude when you’re telling someone you think they’re a bad person because of what they are.

Please, if you are one of those people who use this tired line and think it’s okay, read this post:

5 responses to “Atheists Can’t Be Moral

  • Javier Molina

    If there is no god, then the onus of a moral life falls on man/woman


    • hessianwithteeth

      Yes as it does anyway as well a society as a whole. Which is how good proportion of us live anyway. Heaven and hell do do a good job of scaring people when they don’t believe in them. I’d rather live in a world where people understand how morality benefit the self as well as the whole. Not a world where morality is governed fear of eternal reward/punishment. Also you don’t have to gender essentialize. You can just say person. 😉


  • caelesti

    In my experience, non-religious people seem to about as prone to moral/ethical behavior as religious people (of whatever type) in fact, the people who specifically choose to be atheist/agnostic/humanist in a *positive way (as opposed to just “religion sucks!”) are more prone to think critically about ethics and live scrupulously ethical lives. Following rules just because “God said so” and you’re afraid of hell on the other hand, does not to me make you an especially moral person. Most of those questions, while insulting actually make me feel a little bad for the person asking them- like wow, you don’t know how to make meaning without religion? Sad!


  • glenn2point0

    Thanks for the link and the voice of reason and common sense.


  • kinginascendent

    Such arguments are and should be reframed as a projection. If you’re saying that without a religious system of belief, that a believer would commit atrocities then doesn’t that say more about the person than the object of their argument? Repression and denial create more ugliness than expression and acknowledgement. We’re all just people, ultimately.


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