Have You Been Discriminated Against Because of Your Religion or Your Lack There Of?

Fill out my survey here: http://kwiksurveys.com/s.asp?sid=3zolzpi3k1lwc7s470898

7 responses to “Have You Been Discriminated Against Because of Your Religion or Your Lack There Of?

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    […] are also running surveys on discrimination against Christians, against atheists, and because of religion or lack thereof.  I think those surveys are looking at interesting questions and encourage you to provide them […]


  • Ros

    Responded to this survey. However, I could not give honest answers to either question 7 or question 9 since I would have preferred the option “in some places”. Instead, I wrote “maybe” as the best (though rather weak) alternative.

    I have also responded to the atheism survey. However, I gave up with the Christian one because “in some places” is the only realistic answer I could give to Question 3 and most of the other answers depend on whether you are talking about one of those places or not and the degree of discrimination and abuse that people there experience. Quite clearly, there are countries in the world where Christians are treated very badly indeed, but mine isn’t one of them. The same is true for atheists in a small number of (mostly muslim) countries, so I was a bit hesitant about filling in that survey, too. However, I decided to answer it as if such discrimation is not “widespread” because my impression is that atheists suffer in this way in fewer countries than do Christians. Basically, I think the first two surveys lack the specifics needed to make them useful.


  • caelesti

    Hard to tell because I tend to censor myself around people who I sense aren’t open-minded- my usually guideline is if they are GLBT-friendly, they are likely non-traditional religion friendly.


  • mitchteemley

    Don’t recall ever being discriminated against when I was an atheist. But as a Jesus follower, yes, I’ve lost several job opportunities, especially at colleges. Not because I attempted to evangelize or convert anyone, but simply because it was discovered that I attended church services; college faculty are often aggressively anti-Christian.


  • Cassandra Morrilly

    Just filled out your surveys – good luck with your project, and I hope you share some of your findings!


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