Another Survey on Feminism

I just made a second survey on Feminism. I will also be making a third one. These two are both meant to add clarification for the first survey. Please help me by doing and sharing my surveys:

3 responses to “Another Survey on Feminism

  • equippedcat

    One of the questions was truly interesting. Should the sexes be equal? Absolutely. However, “equal” does not necessarily mean what some people thinks it means.

    Let us consider Jane. Jane wants to be a firefighter, but can’t pass the physical test. What does “equal” say? Does it say that because Jane is a woman and wants to be a firefighter, she should be one? That the test should be ignored in her case or should be reduced to the point where she can pass it? If the test is deliberately designed to not be passable by a woman because those in charge don’t want women to be firefighters, then quite possibly yes. That would be an unreasonable discrimination against Jane and all women. However, if that test is really representational of the physical attributes necessary to adequately perform the job, then no. It is not discrimination against women, it is the way things are. To ignore or reduce the test is not really “fair” to Jane, or other women, and it is horribly unfair to the people that look to the fire department to save them.

    Equal means, or should mean, that each person is treated strictly according to their own merits, with no influence from anything which is not an actual factor. “Want” has no part in deciding “equal”, since want is independent of capability.


    • hessianwithteeth

      Equality does not mean the same. Some times people make that mistake, but if you need certain skills or abilities you can’t water down requirements. Though the problem is is that many women can do the jobs and meet the requirements. Though they are not allowed to do the jobs for arbitrarily reasons or have to be over competent just to have a chance to compete with relatively less qualified men. Then you get into the issue of sexism in the field, less raises, and all kinds of other problems.

      But yes, equality does not necessarily mean equivalent numbers men and women, nor does it mean watering down of requirements to allow people, be them men or women access, to certain opportunities. That said some times exceptions need to be made to allow for the initial change to occur, incentives sometimes need to be placed, unfair obstacles or extra aid are some time required to even an already uneven playing field. Each problem comes with it’s own particular context and solutions.


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