More Surveys on Religious Discrimination

Here are two new surveys on religion: – About situations faced by Atheists – About situations faced by Christians

An update on my religious surveys: – 7% – 6% – 6%

Please do and share these surveys so that I can finish my project as soon as possible.


9 responses to “More Surveys on Religious Discrimination

  • Mikel

    On the questions about whether or not an act was discriminatory — I was not sure at times if that was supposed to be discriminatory in a legal sense, or just in a sense that the target faced unfair prejudice. I assumed the latter in most cases but I’m not sure what the survey makers intended.

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  • walterliisberg

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    An interesting survey on religion

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  • paidiske

    I found the atheist one very difficult. I know that some of these things happen in other places, but because they’re unimaginable in my social context, I had to make some assumptions about them in order to formulate my answers. (For example, I assumed that the atheist blogger wasn’t just an atheist but had been actually doing what he was charged with; insulting religion and blasphemy. Not that I support blasphemy laws or the like, but blasphemy goes well beyond simple atheism).


    • walterliisberg

      but blasphemy can be any critique of religion…. religion should not be above this


      • paidiske

        No, blasphemy goes beyond critique of religion. To blaspheme is to speak evil of God.

        I agree that religion shouldn’t be above critique; I critique it all the time! And good critique is essential for healthy faith communities.

        But there’s critique, and then there’s misrepresentation and attack. And those are two very different things.


        • walterliisberg

          Sorry, but in some religions you can’t even say the word god as it is blasphemy. I know because I nearly became an orthodox Jew. Of course there are those that go out of the way to spread hate against religion, but blasphemy is a loose term used in religion. Criticism of muhammad is described by Islamic extremists as blasphemy and so punishable by death…


        • hessianwithteeth

          Humm I’d say there is a middle ground that’s wide and misty and many have a hard time navigating it. Satire will always offend someone, the trick to good satire is making the offense meaningful, the critique biting, and the argument underlying it sound.

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  • Marija

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    One of my favorite topics to rummage on. If you love surveys and by chance are an Atheist, or a curious Christian, here’s two surveys. 😉


  • Laiyla Lane

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    If you are like me and love surveys here’s 2 about Religon 😊


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