And It Begins…

Today is the first day of my winter semester. This semester is looking to be a busy one, which I had been expecting, but I’m still feeling unprepared. Today is the first Freethinkers meeting of the semester. Luckily our meetings are basically friendly hang-outs. Tomorrow begins what is called the Club’s Showcase. Both the Freethinkers Club and the Interfaith Club will be in the Showcase, so I will be getting to school very early and leaving very late for the remainder of the week. At the Club’s Showcase we have a table set up to display our club to the school. We have members manning the table to hand out pamphlets and answer questions. I’ll be running back and forth between two tables.

The Interfaith Club and my (separate) Interfaith team won’t begin meeting until the second week of school. Next week I’ll have Freethinkers on Monday, Interfaith Book Club on Tuesday, Interfaith meeting on Wednesday, and Tea Time on Friday. That will be what every second week looks like. Luckily the Interfaith meetings are only bi-weekly. Everything else is weekly. I also have monthly movie nights to plan and attend.

My Social Justice Conference (SoJo Cal) is on February 14, so I still have to finish organizing that. In March I have two more events: a debate on whether the Christian God is moral and a talk on pseudo-science. I’m also supposed to be working on a workshop about interfaith cooperation and working with people who have different religious backgrounds from your own. Hopefully that will be it…

And that is on top of my class work, which will be fairly busy itself (I have 5 classes including Ancient Greek). With any luck, I will survive.

2 responses to “And It Begins…

  • Uniquely Mustered

    Nevertheless, keep us posted with your activities and do ask for assistance in organizing the programs you’ve got on your schedules. I tell you it will be fun and Good Luck!


  • armandoc3

    I don’t think it’s luck. By writing it out already, you’ve already done the organizing. Not only that, but you’ve made your plans public to the internet as a whole, so any of your readers can make sure you’re keeping up with your work 😉


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