The killing of James Boyd, finally justice will have it’s day in court.

TW: Graphic violence.

Some of you may remember the mentally ill and homeless man, James Boyd, who was shot multiple times by three police officers. Well at first he was shot multiple times then, after collapsing to the ground, James was shot with three consecutive bean bag rounds, and attacked by a police dog for several seconds before they step on his hand so he would(could?) release the knife in his hand. This doesn’t mention that fact that this occurred near the police station, and that they threw what appears to be a flash bang grenade at him. All for the crime of illegally camping, and drawing two knifes (after they threw the flash bang at him).

Full video below though fair warning it is graphic.

For those of you who have watched it or watched it now I think it is safe to say that was a case of extreamly over use of force.

The rest of the story here:


Now I’m not normally so keen on reporting news, but I remember this case quite clearly and I’m very glad to hear that this is going to court.



2 responses to “The killing of James Boyd, finally justice will have it’s day in court.

  • The Chaos Realm

    …finally…jeez that was a while ago :-p

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