What are Your Favorite Documentaries?

I’m looking for some new and interesting documentaries. I want to watch ones on religion, conversion (and deconversion), sexuality and gender, abortion, and educational reform. Does anybody have any good documentaries to recommend?

26 responses to “What are Your Favorite Documentaries?

  • theprozacqueen

    I was also going to suggest “Jesus Camp”, but someone beat me to it.

    “C.S.A.-The Confederate States of America”-You know how they say that history is written by the “Victors”? This is an example of what a history documentary would have been like had the Confederates won the Civil War. You don’t have to be an American to enjoy it.

    “The Science of Evil”-research about what makes good people do bad things. It is from a purely secular, academic standpoint.

    “[A]Sexual”-about people who are, well, asexual.

    And the series “Taboo” has a very interesting episode about gender. I don’t remember the name right now, but the whole series is cool.

    I hope you like them!


  • crumpledpapercranes

    Regarding religion, I found this one on Mormonism and the Bible quite interesting:

    And, PBS’ The Mormons:

    (For a while I was involved with Mormonism. Yeah.)

    I’m sure you’ve seen the one with Bill Maher regarding Christianity.

    Best wishes.


  • wickedtragic

    Abortion – Vessel. I have yet to watch this one but i have heard it’s very good.
    Food Inc. was one of the best i have watched.
    Gender – Miss Representation. About women’s miss representation in the media and other positions of power.

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  • Scott@SkepticMeditations

    I recommend these documentaries, religion topics. You can watch them online:

    The Amish: Shunned. PBS: American Experience. 4 Feb 2014. Web Video.

    From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians. PBS Frontline. Parts 1 & 2. Epic story of rise of Christianity. 4 hrs explore the life and death of Jesus, the men and women whose belief, conviction, and martyrdom created the religion we now know as Christianity.

    Kumare, 2011, trailer, 2:05m, movie available on Netflix and DVD. True story of a false prophet who encourages followers to find the guru within.

    The Mormons. PBS: American Experience: Frontline. 2007. Web Video.

    The Nature of Existence, 2010, trailer, 2:05m, movie available on Netflix and DVD. Must see documentary of interviews with spiritual leaders, gurus, scientists, artists, and everyday people answering questions about why we exist.

    Rajnesshpuram, Oregon Public Broadcasting. 2012. Web Video.

    The Secret Swami – Sai Baba on BBC exposing godman. 2004.

    The Story of the Jews. Aired 3/25/2014. Prize winning author and Emmy-Award winner Simon Schama brings to life Jewish history and experience in a five-part documentary series.

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  • ijustgetbored

    If you’re working your way through anything that looks even potentially interesting available on Netflix, then we’re probably covering the same ground. I doubt I can suggest anything new. I recently added (I think it had just shown up) Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?, simply because, given the competition, why not? I haven’t watched it yet, though, so I’ve got nothing to say about it besides naming the title. Most other things I’ve watched that are pretty clearly in the documentary genre have already been named. For the true confessions moment here, I do actually go to YouTube and look for clips of various people speaking or (my favorite) getting into heated arguments.


  • ChildofRa

    It’s a girl is a good documentary also Jesus Camp; both are on netflix


  • clubschadenfreude

    don’t known if would be considered a documentary but “The Power of Myth” series with Joseph Campbell was very good about religion. http://www.amazon.com/Power-Myth-25th-Anniversary-Edition/dp/B00A4E8E1O


  • Savannah Hayes

    A life- and mind-altering documentary is Vegucated. If you have Netflix where you are, you can watch it for free on there. It’s about the food industry, which isn’t what you listed, but I had no idea how important it was either until I watched it.


  • inkblossom6

    Jesus Camp is pretty good, mainly because it shows the area that I live in. At least the rest of the world will understand the crazy surrounding me! I enjoyed Psychopath also.


  • caelesti

    Sons of Perdition is an interesting one about what happens to the “extra” young men in the FLDS (breakaway polygamous Mormon sect) I haven’t seen Jesus Camp, but have seen The Bible Tells Me So, about homosexuality & Christianity. Very powerful!

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  • Arkenaten

    Life of Brian.
    The best religious documentary ever made. Honest!

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  • kinginascent

    I second Waiting For Superman. The Invisible War about rape in the military, Jesus Camp, The Queen of Versailles are all fantastic.


  • ars1947

    “Waiting for Superman” is a great documentary on the school system in America. You should check it out, it should be on Netflix.


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