I’m At a Loss

I’ve been finding it difficult to come up with ideas for blog posts, which is why this blog hasn’t been very active lately. As such, I’d like to leave it up to the readers: what would you like us to write about? Would you like to know something specific about our atheism? Do you have an argument that you’d like us to address? Would you like us to discuss a particular book? Do you have any questions about Philosophy, Biology, or History? Would you like to know our stance on a particular feminist issue? Is there something else you’d like us to write on? Let us know in the comment section.

16 responses to “I’m At a Loss

  • Nicolette

    Write about an adventure from years ago!


  • entropy

    What do you think of the concept of ‘the soul’?


  • rura88

    Whatever your routine is for writing a post. When you are stuck break that routine and do something else. The ideas come as you go.

    Recently I wrote about dandelions as a metaphor for activism. Silly maybe but nature tends to agree. If you really need good advice Cookie Monster is a good life coach.

    If you need the best combination of silly and serious go Monty Python. Fish are fishy. There is no such thing as a fish yet we call them fish. Makes you think, does it not?

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  • Shellie Troy Anderson

    as a second wave feminist who developed her beliefs during the tumultuous 70s and 80s, i’m totally curious how/where/from whom young(er) feminists have learned their feminism. for the longest time i worried like crazy that second wave feminism died, or went into some closet or something. you couldn’t even say the word feminist. but then over the last couple of years feminism has exploded again and i’m so proud. i gather there’s a third and fourth wave of feminism now. i’d love to hear anything about the historical process. personal, political, whatever. hope that helps. 🙂

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  • gertiesjourney

    Not sure if you would exactly like the idea but it’s worth a try. What about the subject of mental illness and how there is a divide amongst advocates. A perfect example is Murphy’s Bill. Some advocates are for it because it helps families and “caregivers” help their adult children/family members. Then here is the other side of the advocacy piece when it comes to Murphy’s Bill. That part is that it will give “caregivers” of those w/serious mental illness the ability to have access to their medical records w/out written permission from the one suffering w/a mental illness. Aren’t those w/a mental illness deserving of the same rights as everyone else. The HIPAA laws were put into place for reason. Its something to consider for a blog post or multiple blog post.

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  • J.B. Whitmore

    Spend some time with your own reading and thinking. Rediscover the feelings and ideas that inspired you to start this blog. Notice what kinds of articles, films, people and books send you digging in the library or Googling for more information. Many of the things you care most about, or are curious about, or are dying to know, are things that others care about, too. Cheers —


  • The Voice

    You may have already covered this as well, but the comments made by Phil Robertson from the TV show “Duck Dynasty” (you can google his exact statement) recently, regarding the notion that people who do not embrace Christianity are without morals would be an interesting topic. I’ve touched on it myself. His attitude seems to reflect the belief I’ve seen in a number of Christians in that they feel faith in their God is the source of morality and that humans apparently have no internal sense of right or wrong.

    Or… you know… the rubber ducky idea is good too. 🙂


  • fictionalkevin

    The Muse is often hard to find.


  • Mr. Merveilleux

    Totalitarian models imposed by religion and translated to the home, family and everyday life. Central all powerful male figure, subservient woman in supporting role, children quiet and obedient.
    There’s an interesting book that was produced during the Franco dictatorship (A guide for wives) that really sets the tone:


  • david andre davison

    Please pardon me if you have written on this before. What do you believe happens to you when you die?

    As a Christian, I believe I will spend eternity with Jesus.


  • myatheistlife

    I know you’ll reject this idea, but you should write about rubber duckies and why they are both important and a bane of society. In the ducky you will find peace.


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