This blog is dedicated to the musings of two graduated university students: Hessian and Withteeth. Hessian is a teacher and writer. Withteeth is an organizer, biologist, and stay at home parent. They are working on their dreams of building intentional community, story telling, and educating all those we can. Hessian and Withteeth are both atheists, and much of our blog is dedicated to discussing atheism. They are also both libertarian socialists and Feminists, and a great deal of their writing touches on those issues.

Hessian is a genderqueer (born female but does not identify as a man or a woman) demisexual. Withteeth is a cis (born male, identifies as a man) heterosexual man. They have both have organizing and volunteering experience in LGBTQ, Socialist, Anarchist, and the Canadian Political sphere.

Hessian is in the processes of trying to become a professional writer. They do not talk much about writing here, you can find their work on that subject on their other blog, bdhesse.wordpress.com. They they are not busy being a parent or teaching elementary student, is working towards getting their first book published. Hessian’s ultimate goal is to write full time.

Withteeth, when not organizing locally or taking care of a wee one, is currently working towards building an intentional community (see social ecology meets solar punk) He is still looking for land, and life is in the air, but is connected to various progressive left libertarian groups, attempting to build a better and freer tomorrow.

Thanks to those who have been following us for these last years!




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