This blog is dedicated to the musings of two university students: Hessian and Withteeth. Hessian is a History (with a focus on the history of religion) and Philosophy double major. Withteeth is a Botany (Plant Biology) major with a minor in Philosophy. We are in our last year of our undergrad degrees. Hessian and Withteeth are both active atheists, and much of our blog is dedicated to discussing atheism. We are also both socialists and Feminists. While we don’t tend to write on politics, our socialist leaning does affect our views. As for Feminism, we do talk a lot about it. We are passionate in our Social Justice causes, of which, Feminism is a big part.

Hessian is a genderqueer (born female but does not identify as a man or a woman) demisexual. Withteeth is a cis (born male, identifies as a man) heterosexual man who volunteers within the LGBT community. As such, we also blog a lot about LGBT issues. Both Hessian and Withteeth volunteer with an interfaith group, so we do talk a bit about that as well. However, we are more concerned with atheist issues than we are with interfaith issues.

Hessian is in the processes of trying to become a professional writer. They do not talk much about writing here, you can find their work on that subject on their other blog, bdhesse.wordpress.com. Eventually they would like to publish a novel. Hessian’s ultimate goal is to write full time.

Withteeth is currently learning how to blacksmith and enjoys working with chain mail. Eventually he would like to make a full suit of armor. He is also planning to learn how to sword fight with a saber.





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