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Interfaith Dialogue

I have been an atheist for years. I was in high school when I discovered that I no longer believed in the Christian God. Now I am almost finished university. For years the religious world seemed to be one that wasn’t open to me. It was a foreign world that I only braved when my family made me. It is awkward being surrounded by people who believe something that you do not. I didn’t like feeling out of place, so I avoided it. However, lately I have found myself entering the interfaith sphere more. I volunteer at the interfaith center at my university, and I actually went to an interfaith conference over the summer. It has been a great experience for me. My personal beliefs haven’t been affected, so I still feel that awkward sense of “these people share something that I do not,” but I have grown to understand people that were once very foreign to me. I have made new friends and have developed a sense of respect for people who do not share my beliefs. I think that it has been a wonderful experience for me. I also want to encourage others to make an attempt at understanding people who do not share their personal beliefs.

Why We Want to Blog

My partner and I are both university students. I am studying History and Philosophy and my partner is studying Botany and Philosophy. We have recently decided to try our hands at blogging in order to better understand our interests, improve our knowledge, and meet others who have similar interests. Some of the topics that we intend to talk about include books and writing, graphic novels, history, philosophy, chain mail and blacksmithing, politics and feminism, gender and sexuality, and religion. As you can see, we have a variety of interests and aren’t really interested in bogging ourselves down with one topic.

I am currently writing a fantasy novel and a graphic novel and am hoping to discuss writing and graphic novel art as my main focus.

My partner has been dabbling with chain mail and blacksmithing and would like to focus mainly on those two interests.

We are looking forward to sharing our interests and hearing from those with similar interests.

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