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May Activities

May is always a busy month for me. Half of my family was born in May, myself included. It means that I am, at the very least, sending out a ton of e-mails and facebook messages. I’m also usually figuring my summer out, since school has just finished for a few months. But this May is especially busy. On the 7th, Chris Stedman came to give a talk at my University. It was a great talk. If anybody is interested in finding out about the discussion, look at the tweets by uofcfreethinker. The event was live tweeted. Since I was part of the group responsible for bringing him here, I was able to go out to dinner with him before the talk. I was also able to go to the bar with him after the talk. It was a great, but busy, day. 

My next activity will be a wrap up meeting for the interfaith group, since we are not active through the spring and summer semesters. That will take place on the 15th. On the 16th I will be leaving the city to head up to Kamloops, BC for Imagine No Religion 4. I am very excited for that. Last summer I went to The Amazing Meeting in July and got to meet a lot of wonderful people who are very active in the skeptic movement. This year I was able to participate in bringing both Justin Schieber and Chris Stedman to my city. I am looking forward to the meeting many people at INR4. 

Once I get back from Kamloops, I will have to begin looking for a job. I will also begin planning for the next school year. I will have two clubs to run as well as the interfaith group. This year has been great: both the Freethinkers Club and the interfaith group experienced a level of success greater than that of previous years (or so I’ve been told). But I am hoping that the upcoming year will be even better.

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