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Eliza Rickman

I feel the need to take a break from my Biblical posts to discuss my new favorite musician. She is a great small time musician. For those of you who listen to the Welcome to Nightvale podcast, she is the artist who sang Pretty Little Head.
I like her music because she has a very sweet voice, but her music tends to be quite dark. Pretty little Head is by far my favorite song, but she also has other great songs: Black Rose, Start With Good-Bye, Stop With Hello, and Devil’s Bones. The only song I’m not really a fan of is Into My Arms. The music is great, but the message isn’t something that I can agree with.
Nonetheless, I would suggest that anybody who is looking for something new to listen to go check her out. Her music is on YouTube. And if you like her, she has a kickstarter going on for her second album. I’m sure she would be happy to get some more support.

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