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Podcasts on the LEFT, Including some potential clarity on Charlottesville.

Bwahahahaha! Ready to be radicalized? Bored with your listening options? Want more Radical Politics in your cereal, your commute, and your alienating job? Well I know I did a few months ago, and luckily I’ve been finding them! Time to share.

Aside: Sorry I can’t keep up with posts I’m monstrously busy. Parenting, moving, demolition, selling of annoying asset, work. I need a lot of time over a few days to write a decent article, and so far I’ve got a bunch of half finished posts, but nothing worth publishing.  This, however, I can do tonight.

This list is by no means comprehensive, but here are some excellent Radical Podcasts. I lean heavily to the Anarchist line of thinking, but not all of these podcast are anarchist, many are Marxist and some avoid political labels at together. All I can say is that each of these podcasts a worth listening too even if you don’t find yourself agreeing with them.

First some specific episodes on what went down in Charlottesville. There’s a lot of bullshit on the riots, and It’s good to hear from actual people on the ground there.

The Ex-Worker: Charlottesville – Triumph & Tragedy in the Struggle Against Fascism 

An excellent overview on hat went down and my memory fails me at least one good interview about what Antfia was doing on Friday and Saturday.

It’s Going Down IGD Podcast: Unicorn Riot on Neo-Nazis Celebrating & Planning Violence at Unite the Right and “Soft Targets”
If you want to hear about the riots from a journalist perspective, but one who was actually there, this is for you.  There are additional links in this podcast to follow as well

Feminist Killjoys, PHD: Ep 66: Stand Up & Fight Back – An Interview with Redneck Revolt

Want to learn more about those Armed Leftists at Charlottesville? An Excellent Podcast.

Now Onto the Podcast proper. I’ll be splitting them loosely into categories to make picking some out easier.  In no particular order…

The Fun Stuff: Comedy, typically lighter subject material, or at least stranger!

Srsly Wrong: These guys are Canadian, so that’s cool for me. They do a lot of skits and faux ad in there podcasts. Very entertaining, but some very good substance as well. You want to get some family and friends Radicalized? These are some cool dudes who might just be able to do it. Episode 100 is great.

Left Coast: New and make me laugh every time. West coast the best coast? Well these fine folks make a strong case. If your ready to go on a radical journey with some funny people this is also an amazing Podcast to get started with.

Last Podcast on the Left: Warning contains Liberalism! If you need to stay tapped into what more liberal minded folk are thinking, plus the weird conspiracy nonsense coming out of the right. These guys will do you well. They also make me snort randomly on the job which is difficult to do. More entertainment then info, and a centrist bias but just worthy of being on this list. Abe Lincolns Top Hat (politics) and Sex and other Human Activities (Sex and Mental health) are good too, but not good enough to get their own entries here.

Though Stuff: If you’re looking for the weighty stuff this is for you.

Revolutionary Left Radio: Probably my Favorite of them all. Consistently even handed (not neutral), smart and thoughtful. Very active with a new podcast every week. Rev Left Radio goes into the various different leftist ideologies, and into detailed left history. Has a gold star recommendation from me.

CrimethInc. The Ex-Worker: This Podcast was what got me started down this rabbit hole. They have a decent archive, and they recently started a weekly show “The Hotwire” which covers the news in anarchist circles. Hardcore, and some time difficult. I definitely recommend stopping in from time to time.

From Alpha to Omega: Infrequence updates, but a quality archive. Tom O’Brien is a Marxist, and get quality quests on his show every episode. Worth a try with a strong recommendation from me.

IGD It’s Going Down Podcast: Very similar news outlet to CrimethInc.  With a much more frequent history of updating. I have less experience with IGD, but they have been good over all and like CrimethInc. Are worth dropping by ever so often and downloading a few files for later.

Zero Squared Podcasts: Zero Squared is a book publisher, but they have a Podcast which goes into all kinds of stuff I’ve never heard of and pump out content for their podcast and Youtube videos. I recommend the Posadist Episode if your into some quality Satire. This also gets a quality assured recommendation from me.

Here lies Feminism! Sex, Veganism, and Good times.

Sexplanations Podcast: The Least political of the podcast posted here. This podcast by Lindsey Doe is all about sex positivity, and sex education. Nothing like dismantling puritanism when your smashing the patriarchy am I right? Fun and Positive Episodes. If you need something Uplifting and Sex Positive Sexplinations may be what your looking for.

Feminist Killjoys, PHD: These two Academics are all about media theory. A Bit woo-ie, but self aware about it. They get into Marxist stuff every so often, and a a good place to get your feminist fix, as all good Anarchists are want to do.

Whorecast: Sex workers and Anarchist work well together, and you’ll see the connection crop up in this podcast fairly regularly, if not always directly. Very important stuff in here, and if you want to deconstruct the stigma you have towards sex work I can’t really recommend anything else! A personal failing I’m sure.

Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack!: First they are not preachy about Veganism, two they talk Marxism and Anarchy, and a very anti-capitalist, and are good feminists far as I’ve listened to them. If any of that is of interest to you (understand I recommend them as an active omnivore) then give them a try. They might be a good listen for you as well.

Yes I listen to all of these I wouldn’t recommend them otherwise. Yes my job would be crazy boring (and alienating) with out them.

Have fun listening!



Hey all just a reminder!

If you are equating ANTIFA or the Left to Nazi’s and ISIS. You’re acting as a Apologist for Fascism.

Stand up to Nazis and all forms of fascism. They will not go away if you ignore them. appeasement politics of the 1930’s only lead to stronger fascists.


I’m At a Loss

I’ve been finding it difficult to come up with ideas for blog posts, which is why this blog hasn’t been very active lately. As such, I’d like to leave it up to the readers: what would you like us to write about? Would you like to know something specific about our atheism? Do you have an argument that you’d like us to address? Would you like us to discuss a particular book? Do you have any questions about Philosophy, Biology, or History? Would you like to know our stance on a particular feminist issue? Is there something else you’d like us to write on? Let us know in the comment section.

The killing of James Boyd, finally justice will have it’s day in court.

TW: Graphic violence.

Some of you may remember the mentally ill and homeless man, James Boyd, who was shot multiple times by three police officers. Well at first he was shot multiple times then, after collapsing to the ground, James was shot with three consecutive bean bag rounds, and attacked by a police dog for several seconds before they step on his hand so he would(could?) release the knife in his hand. This doesn’t mention that fact that this occurred near the police station, and that they threw what appears to be a flash bang grenade at him. All for the crime of illegally camping, and drawing two knifes (after they threw the flash bang at him).

Full video below though fair warning it is graphic.

For those of you who have watched it or watched it now I think it is safe to say that was a case of extreamly over use of force.

The rest of the story here:


Now I’m not normally so keen on reporting news, but I remember this case quite clearly and I’m very glad to hear that this is going to court.



Pro-Life Terrorism

Rachel Maddow reported on the history of violence within the “pro-life” movement. There has been a number of members responsible for a lot of terrible things. One group tried to keep people out of an abortion clinic by parking cars in front of the doors and trapped themselves inside the vehicles. That same group later held celebration for someone who a year earlier murdered a man who was trying to get a doctor into the clinic safely. There have been a number of murders. There have been bombings. There have been people who attempted to crawl into the buffer zone to physically stop people from entering the clinics. Sadly, many aren’t happy with holding signs and yelling at people. Many are willing to do whatever it takes to stop people from having abortions.

But, despite the history of violence, the US supreme court doesn’t believe a buffer zone is necessary. Do they not care that women and doctors could be in danger? Are they trying to make it easier to make abortion illegal?

I’m so glad I live in Canada…


Trans* People Are People Too

Recently in my province the first under 18 trans* person was able to legally change the sex on their birth certificate. It is a great step forward for us. But, as usually, when the news came out so did the bigots. There were many comments left by people who do not understand what it means to be trans*, don’t understand the scientific/psychological findings, and who wanted to force their beliefs on others.

On person claimed that the boy in question couldn’t possibly know who he is at 14 and claimed that he was going to change his mind at 18 and decide that he actually liked being female.This person claimed that they’d never be able to go back to being female and it would destroy their life. This is so wrong for so many reasons. He’s 14. He’s more than old enough to know what his preferences are. And he’s more than able to make his own decisions about who he wants to be when he grows up. Nobody has the right to police him in that regard, especially not strangers on the internet. It’s also wrong on the medical side. Sex change surgeries aren’t allowed until the age of 18. Nothing permanent will have been done yet. He’ll be on hormone blockers, but those are completely reversible. If he does decide that he made a mistake later on, then their will be no negative repercussions.

Many people were claiming that he’s not a boy and changing his birth certificate is a lie. I’d like to know how so many strangers who have never met this boy could possibly know more about him than he knows about himself. Having a vagina and an X chromosome doesn’t determine ones gender. It’s more complicated than that. And is it really so important that someone maintain the label society has given them that they should risk depression and suicide for the comfort of strangers? I’d rather he be a happy, healthy boy than a dead girl, but that’s just me. As for the birth certificate, why do we even still put sex on them? Does it really matter? 

Most of the people who were against the sex changed birth certificate also kept using “she” when referring to the boy. That is incredibly disrespectful. Would you want someone to call you “he” when you’re a she? Or “she” when you’re a he? No? Then don’t do it to other people . If you know what pronoun they prefer, use it. If you don’t, ask. It’s simple. You do not have the right to force your beliefs on other people. This boy deserves respect.

The last comment that caught my attention was one where someone said “Canada is sick.” As far as I’m concerned, I’m fine with transphobic people having such negative views. If they avoid the country, all the better for those of us who want equality to prevail. Though I really don’t see how “Canada” has anything to do with it. The rules regarding changes to birth certificates change from province to province. This is a step forward for Alberta, but I’d want see a few more provinces follow suit before I’ll say it’s a step forward for Canada.

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