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A Rant About The Sims

I feel like I need to rant right now. I’m a big fan of RPG’s. I like creating characters and going on adventures. Most of the games I prefer are medieval fantasy games. I like Dragon Age and Fable. But when it comes to computers (I prefer system gaming), I really like The Sims. I like it for the same reason I like RPGs: I can create a character and take them on adventures. But The Sims has some major problems that its fans seem to ignore.

The Sims kills computers. It overheats them so that they die well before they should. It is absolutely full of bugs that the designers should have gotten rid before even trying to release the game. I know of no other game that freezes as often as The Sims. Many times I have lost progress because I’ve had to shut it down without saving due to freezing. It’s also bad at crashing. Characters will completely disappear, or will freeze. Sometimes babies and pets will be impossible to interact with, which eventually results in losing them. This shouldn’t happen. To me, this says that the game creators do not care about the players. They have a monopoly and a huge fan base, so they likely don’t think they need to care: they will get the money regardless. This is a problem. In a few months the Sims 4 will be released and I highly doubt that it will be any better.

But, while I am annoyed at the creators for allowing all these inexcusable issues, I am also annoyed at the fans. It is not difficult to find people who have had these issues. Just Google “problems with The Sims.” You’ll find no shortage of people who have had all the issues that I’ve complained about. But the fans don’t seem to mind. Many even seem to excuse them as “well, it can’t be the game, so it must be your computer,” or “just uninstall and reinstall, it’ll be fine.” Sure, we could uninstall and reinstall all our expansions, of which there are tons because EA likes making people spend money, and we could buy new laptops (luckily desktops aren’t so bad, but many players seem to prefer laptops) every three years. Or the game developers could fix the games so that we don’t have to do this. Why isn’t anybody demanding that EA fix the bugs? Why isn’t anybody suggesting a boycott or a petition? Are we really so willing to give EA our money for a broken product? Are we really so willing to be screwed over?

Again, I like The Sims. I’m embarrassed to admit it, because it is such a problematic game, but I still like it. I hope other game developers make a game like The Sims so that I can play something that is, hopefully, better made. I hope that The Sims 4 is properly debugged, because this is ridiculous. If someone makes a bad product, then they do not deserve to get paid for it. If they want to make money, they should make a product worth buying.

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