Withteeth is back.

It’s been a while,

I figured it was time to get writing again. I might be a stay at home parent and busy as all hell, but writing is good for me, so I should get back at it.

Over these last few years both Hessian and myself have gotten much more political, aided like many by the extremist and often fascist politics coming out of the USA, Brazil, and Turkey to name a few, we have really felt the fire under our asses to get working on our projects, and net working and organizing has never been easier with those same fires energizing people around us.

New posts will be more political, and I have far less patience then I use to for those whom wish to be demagogues. The comments will be places for questions and discussions. Not a place rhetorical yelling matches. I will not tolerate hate speech, or hateful dog whistles. But that said, learning is encouraged and I have always enjoyed hearing and learning from people of many view points. So long as they are not calling into question the basic humanity of other people that is.

I hope to talk about organizing, build intentional community, and the creation prosocial social environments. Hope to hear from some of he long time readers! If anyone one has suggestion for posts or wants to ask question please leave a comment!


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