Which Version of the Bible Do You Prefer?

There are many different versions of the Bible out there. Right now I’m using the NIV for my project. This is pretty much because I already had a copy. But I know different people have different preferences. So, if you were going to use the Bible for some project or another, which version would you use and why?

8 responses to “Which Version of the Bible Do You Prefer?

  • charles

    Another advantage of the Tardis would be that it translates! The Hebrew and Greek would look like English. I wonder what translation paradigm it uses? Literal? Dynamic equivalent?


  • charles

    Depends what you are after… New Living Translation is very readable, as it translates thoughts, not word for word. New American Standard is good for study as it translates word for word, in general. Revised Standard (now out of print?) is good if you like the older KJV language but somewhat updated. There are parts of the KJV that very hard to read due to English changing. Some words, I have heard, have even changed so as to mean the opposite of what they used to.
    Best bet is to get a Tardis and go back to the originals.


  • ubi dubium

    Usually I turn to the Skeptic’s Annotated Bible, especially now that I have a hard copy. It’s based on the KJV, which I think is the best choice for most uses I would have, since that’s the one the biblical literalists are most often thumping.


  • siriusbizinus

    I’d probably go with a NKJV; it basically makes little changes except to replace old pronouns with new ones. For posts like your “Why I Can’t Agree With the Bible” series, a NIV Bible is sufficient no matter what people who will try to quote Greek and Hebrew might say. However, if the translation is a key point, I’d use several versions to highlight the difference.


  • sorayajan

    Well the NIV has a few omissions so it’s not a favorite of mine though it’s easy to read. The KJV is first for me. The Revised Standard Version is also good. I can’t really tell the difference between it and the KJV.


  • Dena

    I use the online Torah with Rashi or I use the Etz Hayim I have here at home. Both are in Hebrew with an English translation.


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